Patient Stories

Sierra lisa Renee and Dan Kwallek Shawn Sokolik Schute
Kid Tested...Mom Approved
Sierra and family
Life-changing care
"It’s Twins!" Was Just the First Surprise
Renee and Dan Kwallek
Generations of Trust and Care
Kay Brandemuehl, Sue McLean and Erin Jensen
Shawn Sokolik Schute Moore Family Diana Arians Tommy
Happily (and healthy)
Ever After!

Shawn Sokolik Schute
"Moore" than expected
Roshae Moore
Breast cancer survivor
Diana Arians
Great orthopedic care
Abigail Dressler Megan Mumm The Miles Family Lukas Weber
A life-saving legacy
Abigail Dressler
Back in the game
Megan Mumm
Starting a new family
Andy, Jody & Reid Miles
ER visits
Lukas Weber
Timmerman Family Kim Wolf and Family Missy Kliebenstein Oliver Vick
A summer of quick saves
Timmerman Family
Grateful for a good neighbor
Kim Wolf
A bright new outlook
Missy Kliebenstein
Cardiac rehabilitation
Oliver Vick
Bev Marcue Linda and Kevin Hall and Family Randy Neis Trevor Landon
Stroke care
Bev Marcue
Unexpected twins
Linda and Kevin Hall
Emergency appendectomy
Randy Neis
Senior year football
Trevor Landon
Noah Kirsch Barb & Lois Wulf Tom Davies Pat Schroeder
Tonsil removal
Noah Kirsch
In loving memory of Lois Wulf Hip replacement
Tom Davies
Emergency care – Heart attack
Pat Schroeder
Deena Furuseth Fritz Family Cheryl Metcalf Terry Schwartz
Dee is for determination
Deena Furuseth
$25,000 donation to chapel
Fritz Family
Breathing a sigh of relief
Cheryl Metcalf
Change of heart
Terry Schwartz
Alice Booth Christi Dalton Kristi Gildersleeve Pat Hawes
An emergency results in a new beginning
Alice Booth
Four babies in four years!
Christi Dalton
Special delivery and no speeding tickets
Kristi Gildersleeve
A difficult road to recovery
Pat Hawes
Olivia Landon Connie Murray Leah Sanson Jayne Webster
Little person—Big emergency
Olivia Landon
My mammogram—my birthday present that saved my life
Connie Murray
From dedication to graduation!
Leah Sanson
Welcome to the world, baby Elliott
Jayne Webster
Don Weydert Nancy Sanger
Back to an active lifestyle
Don Weydert
Grant Regional: My first choice for surgical care
Nancy Sanger

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